Have you read the book? Do you want to now? Have you maybe seen the movie and can say anything about it? Has your ex ever recommended a fantastic novel to you?
Do you like her art?
Do you think streaming should be illegal?
How do you feel about the movie?
Do you think I summed up the meaning of the term properly?
How did you like the video?
How did you like my poem Brücken? I can translate it for those who don't speak German but of course the meter and rhythm will then change.
Okay, I have spent like two hours on editing the website and it is still pretty lame. Hopefully I will be able to make it look more professional and to add the possibility for you to comment on my articles. If not I will probably have to create a forum which is not the worst thing but not as great as directly being able to comment.
Well, at least that shows me that it is actually not that easy to create a good website if you have zero experience.
I will now just publish this site and create a Facebook and Twitter account to make it more viral.
I am excited to see when I will have my first reader!